"Kine Sport Brussels is the ideal place for all football players who want to prepare for their season."

Mehdi Ouarti, football player Excelsior Mouscron

Do you want to resume sport or get stronger by preparing for your season ? A personal trainer could help you.

Our personal trainer’s mission is to get you out of your comfort zone. Professional, amateur and non-athletes come to us every day to set and achieve their goals.

“Results matter”

This is why our personal trainer offers you a personalized and motivating program. In addition, our sports coach is also a physiotherapist. He will guide you in your effort by minimizing the risk of injuries.

During the first session, your body is screened. You learn to understand your strengths and weaknesses. then the work is essentially based on exercises, which allow you to get back in shape or improve yourself. Finally the personal trainer will teach you how to use and respect your body better.

Do not hesitate to contact Kine Sport Brussels for more information.

What you think about our personal trainer is important.

Isabel Margaritopol
Isabel Margaritopol
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Un cabinet avec des installations au top, dédiées à la performance ou rééducation sportive avec des professionnels à l’écoute et bienveillant. Je recommande les yeux fermés, que ce soit dans le cas d’une blessure ou dans le cadre d’un accompagnement en préparation physique spécifique !
Arthur Simon
Arthur Simon
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No sweat no glory. Après une opération du ligament croisé, François Wery s'est occupé de ma réathlétisation par un programme de personal training. Grâce à une approche très motivante et très personnalisée je me sens à nouveau confiant.