"After a knee tendonitis my sports physiotherapist quickly mad me come back on the hockey pitch and even stronger than before!"

Thomas Coelenbier, national hockey team U21

Do You have pain or do you just had an operation ? Our sports physiotherapist could help you.

Thanks to the progress of science and the work of universities, sports physiotherapy has evolved considerably over the past thirty years. More and more studies are showing the benefits of movement therapy. This is why our sports physiotherapist works a lot with exercises, for short and long term results.

Kine Sport Brussels has adapted and has the infrastructure, knowledge and experience to help you.

Our team is at your disposal to support you during an accident or injury (for example a herniated disc, muscle tear). But also for chronic pain (for example pubalgia, tendonitis). Or for a surgical intervention (for example an operation of the anterior cruciate ligament, knee meniscus). 

Finally, do not hesitate to contact our sports physiotherapist for more information.

What our patients think about our sports physiotherapist is important.

Bastien Greco
Bastien Greco
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Super suivi ! J'ai eu des séances avec François Wery qui m'a permis de participer aux vingt kilomètres de Bruxelles malgré une double blessure un mois avant. Je recommande fortement pour leur professionnalisme et la qualité des traitements.
Augustin Van De Kerckhof
Augustin Van De Kerckhof
Equipe Nationale De Hockey U16
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Après une déchirure du muscle quadriceps lors d'un entrainement, François Wery m'a permis de revenir plus fort sur le terrain. A Kine Sport Brussels ils travaillent sur tout le corps. Ce qui limite fortement les risques de récidive. De plus, les exercices donnés sont très ciblés.