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Sports injury
An injury, a sprain, a trauma can slow down all the work put in place to achieve your goal. However, kine sport Brussels likes to think otherwise, further. It’s time to get up to some quality treatment. A physiotherapy that allows you to come out of your injury stronger by doing the right exercises with the right mentality. We also accompany you to work on your physical condition, your flexibility and your strength for long-term results.
knee injury

Examples of injuries

Muscle tear, an injury ranging from pulled muscule to total rupture

Muscle injury accounts for a large portion of all sports injuries. The most commonly affected muscles are the hamstrings, rectus femoris and gastocnemius. They should be treated with care because missed treatment can delay return to the field and increase the risk of recurrence.

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Tendinopathy, poor healing of the tendon

Tendinopathy, formerly called tendonitis, is poor healing of tendon fibers. It is often accompanied by muscle atrophy and stiffness. The right exercises and good load management will be the key to a successful treatment. The Achilles tendon is most commonly affected.

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The herniated disc, an injury with or without sciatica?

A herniated disc is a condition in which the disc is displaced towards the back of the spine. It is a common cause of back pain. The patient experiences burning, stinging pain and may radiate to the lower limb. In some cases, the hernia can compress the nerve causing nerve pain. You will find an explanatory video below.

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