Fall seven times, stand up eight
Post-operative rehabilitation
Everyone deserves quality post-operative treatment. Thanks to scientific protocols, our sports physiotherapist can help you resume your activity very quickly while respecting your body. This is why kine sport Bruxelles is intentionally specialized in a limited number of surgical procedures. Which specialty can help you?
knee injury


Displaced fracture requires postoperative physiotherapy

The average bone healing time is around 6 to 8 weeks, but can vary depending on many factors. After the immobilization, your physiotherapist accompanies you to recover mobility, strength and function. In total, he advises you and guides you from surgery to returning to the play.

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The shoulder dislocation

The shoulder dislocation remains at the shoulder joint. The head of the humerus comes out of its cavity at the level of the scapula. To remedy this, there are several types of surgeries. Thanks to postoperative physiotherapy, you recover the function of your shoulder in an optimal way.

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Cruciate ligament reconstruction, our post-operative specialty

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), located inside the knee joint, is an important stabilizer. This is why a rupture of the latter leads to laxity. Depending on your physical activities, this laxity can result in instability, which will cause the knee to bend. Thus, in the short and medium term, these repeated dislocations will cause damage to the cartilage, meniscus and other ligaments. While in the long term, the main risk is the appearance of osteoarthritis. The physiotherapists at kine sport Brussels have decided to specialize in the postoperative rehabilitation of this ligament. This is why we follow the best surgeons in the operating room every year to stay up to date with the evolution of care. Below you will find an explanatory video of the surgery.

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