Some want to get there, some
hope to get there, others get there

Roger Federer, tennis player

Kine Sport Brussels

Envie de vivre à nouveau sans douleur ?
Un kinésithérapeute sportif peut vous aider.

Have you been struggling to get rid of pain for a few months or even years? Your body is letting you down and no longer follows your directives? Chronic pain has settled in because you habe asked too much from your body which was not used to moving as much. The solution is in your hands. To achieve pain-free living again, our sports physiotherapists will help you work on your ailments through stretching or muscle strengthening for long-term results.

“Some want to get there, some hope to get there, others get there” At Kine Sport Brussels we like to think that chronic pain can be treated with the body and mind. The road is sometimes long, but with a little will and determination everything becomes possible.

We invite you to work with a sports physiotherapist to get you back on the right track and stronger than before.

Here is the list of frequent injuries
Do not hesitate to contact our sports physiotherapists for more information.

kine cheville

Kine sport Brussels

Ankle,foot and leg Physio

kine genou

Kine sport Brussels

Knee Physio

Kine sport Brussels

Hip And Pelvis Physio

kine dos

Kine sport Brussels

Back Physio

kine nuque

Kine sport Brussels

Neck Physio

kine épaule

Kine sport Brussels

Shoulder and collarbone Physio

kine coude

Kine sport Brussels

Kine coude