"Every injury in an opportunity"

Kine Sport Brussels

Have you been injured or been in an accident ?
A sports physiotherapist can help you.

Were you recently in an accident? Don’t wait too long for physical therapy. To return to the field more quickly and more cautiously, a good rehabilitation is necessary. Plus, by working with a qualified sports physiotherapist you limit the risk of recurrence and chronic pain from the injury.

“Every injury is an opportunity »

At Kine Sport Brussels we like to think that an injury is an opportunity to work on important points that you may not be working on during the year. This is why we work on your biomechanics, your physical and mental strength, your body mass, your technique and your motivation.

We invite you to work with a sports physiotherapist to get you back on track and stronger than before.

Here is the list of frequent injuries
Do not hesitate to contact our sports physiotherapists for more information.

kine cheville

Kine Sport Brussels

Ankle and foot Physio

kine genou

Kine Sport Brussels

Knee Physio

Kine Sport Brussels

Hip And Pelvis Phsyio

kine dos

Kine Sport Brussels

Back problems Physio

kine nuque

Kine Sport Brussels

Neck Physio

kine épaule

Kine Sport Brussels

Shoulder and
collarbone Physio

kine coude

Kine Sport Brussels

Elbow Physio