"Fall seven, stand up eight times"

Kine Sport Brussels

Have you been injured and undergone surgery ?
A sports physiotherapist can help you.

Everyone deserves quality treatment after surgery. Thanks to scientific protocols our sports physiotherapists can help you quickly resume your activity while respecting your body’s limits.

Kine Sport Brussels intentionally specialises in a limited number of surgeries. Which one could
help you ?

“Fall seven times, stand up eight times “

An operation can be a source of disappointment, frustration and anxiety. The goal of our sports physiotherapists is to give you the support you need so that you can come back stronger and more confident on the pitch.
iant sur le terrain.

Your weak spot then becomes your strong spot.

Here is the list of operations that we support
Do not hesitate to contact our sports physiotherapists for more information.

kine cheville

Kine sport Brussels

Ankle and foot Physio

kine genou

Kine sport Brussels

Knee Physio

Kine sport Brussels

Hip And Pelvis Physio

kine dos

Kiné sport Brussels

Back Physio

kine épaule

Kiné sport Brussels

Shoulder and collarbone Physio